Laplace is an open-source project to enable screen sharing directly via browser. Made possible using WebRTC for low latency peer-to-peer connections, and websocket implemented in golang for WebRTC signaling. Read more

Start sharing your screen

Click the button below to create a new streaming room, where you can share your screen with your peers. A RoomID will be generated, and you can share the RoomID to your peers.

Join streaming room

Enter a RoomID to join the streaming room. You can get the RoomID from your peer that is doing a screen sharing.

Screen sharing configuration

For most people, using the default "balanced" preset is enough, then click the "Start sharing" button to start. For the curious, You may also choose configuration preset that will affect the performance and quality of the streaming. For advance user, you can modify the options inside the textbox directly, please note that it may incur errors.


Some notes
After clicking the "Start stream" button, if your device is supported, you may be asked to choose which screen you want to share.
As of now, mobile devices (Android & iOS) are usually not supported for screen sharing.
Sharing system audio is tested to be working only with latest Google Chrome running in Windows OS.
Remember to tick the "Share audio" checkbox.
In case the streaming does not work, reload the page, the WebRTC maybe unstable.

How to Join this Room

You can share the RoomID to your peers (it is on the top-right position on this page). They can also join with the following link or QRCode:

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